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Oficiálne stránky skupiny S.V.S. - vitajte na www.svs.sk
faq: frequently asked questions
The three most asked questions we get (in accord with Murphy's laws), we actually can't answer. It's these two:

What does S.V.S. mean?

    We would like to give you a true answer. The only problem is, that S.V.S. means every day something else. Sometimes it changes several times upon a day.
Nowadays there is more than 30 various interpretations of acronym S.V.S. (estimated). Some of them are not publicable even on internet. Some of them don't even match the characters (probably some cipher got inside): Knedla v krku  (Dumpling In The Throat). For internet we have a special explanation: Slnko v sieti (Sun in the Net). It's from a great Slovak movie fom 60's.
Anyway, the acronym arised from therm Samovražda v sebaobrane (Suicide in selfdefence) - see more details in history. The group already since their first activities uses only the acronym and tries to avoid any interpretations. Here you can find a growing list of interpretation we like.

What kind of music does S.V.S. play?

    We would like to believe, that we play something absolutely new, totally impossible to describe. But after a huge effort of various people for classication or frame description it shold be an eclecticism with footmarks of influences of indies, alterantive rock, pop, 60's, punk, new wave and Manchester scene. But we can't guarantee, that you will not hear a piece of pop or hip-hop...
The group is characterized with expressive melodic vocal and specific lyrics, dynamic rhytmics and big diffusion between individual songs.

Now the questions, for which we can give a better answers:

Who plays in S.V.S.?

The basic formation:
Majo Lacko - vocal, guitar
Peter Saxa (Axel) - bass guitar
Ado Dinga - guitar
Dusan Cerny (Douge) - drums

We don't avoid any cooperation. In the last year these people helped us:
Mishka Lackova - vocal, violin
Igor Selepak - sampler, vocal
Richard Lalik - sampler

Where is S.V.S. from?

We are from Slovak Republic. It is in Central Europe, part of former Czechoslovakia. But I am sure you knew where it was.
More exactly - from a small city called Nove Mesto nad Vahom (100 km northly from Bratislava) and its surroundings.